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Red Wing Lodge is located in a well protected bay, so being able to fish is always assured. Even if the wind is blowing, you can fish among the many sheltering islands in Sabaskong Bay. The bay is known for tasty walleye and trophy muskie fishing that can be found in waters close to camp. There are also an abundance of northern pike, smallmouth bass, crappie, and perch in our area.

Canadian Musky
Fishing at It's Best!

Lake of the Woods is a beautiful and unique lake. With 65,000 miles of shoreline and 14,000 charted islands (more than any lake on the North American continent). Lake of the Woods offers excellent fishing, hunting and sightseeing. The fishing is terrific!

Walleye, Northern and Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada!

We have great walleye, pike and bass fishing here at Red Wing Lodge! We will show you the hot spots close to the lodge and our favorite fishing holes to ensure you have success.

Your Destination for Muskie and Walleye Fishing on Lake of The Woods

49° 07′ 43.42″ N 94° 16′ 08.42″ W Elevation 1,063′

Red Wing Lodge is an ultra-modern fishing and hunting resort located on Lake of the Woods in Ontario Canada, offering clean, comfortable and modern cottages with access to one of the best muskie fishing lakes in the world. If you are looking for World Class Muskie Fishing look no further!

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